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Week 8 Visuals

After looking at several visual networks, there are only three that I believe would make my brand excel.  It would be YouTube, Twitter, and Instragram.  At first I thought Youtube would be my primary platform, but as the instructor said it takes a lot of time and work to do a video right also it would be a lot easier if I had a bit of a following first.  So I woud have Instragram as my primary for my brand.  There are several reasons why I want to this and why I would choose Intragram over Youtube, for now.
I can showcase a lot in Instagram while hash tagging items that are related to what I am trying to sell.  I could be able to show case my product while also teaching how to wear it properly.  This is wear I would build a solid audience, where I can see what works and what doesn’t, what is appealing and what is appalling.  I would have to get their attention which 4K pictures and maybe even comparing how celebrities wear their cloths .
Youtube I wanted to put in the for front because I thought is would be an easy yet personal way to get my brand out.  But if you have no following then it would be harder and slower to actually build a reputation and have subscribers to the page.  It would even be better if I tried to do use facebook more and attempted a facebook live.  I would have the attention of my followers right away and may be able to gain others at a faster rate than I would being on YouTube.


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Week1A: My Template

I chose this template for several reasons, but my top three reasons where because to me it was colorful, unique, and simple.  The first thing I noticed was the color, to me it was nice, calm colors that I thought best represented me with out really saying anything about me.  The colors are not used all that often which get is into my next reason that I chose this template which was it's uniqueness.  The color combination you do not see often now a days which to me makes it more desirable.

The last reason was simplicity, its looks very easy to navigate without looking old fashion.  I think by having everything on the screen and not having to click something else to get there makes my blogging site easy and more comfortable to navigate though.  A lot of site have put a lot of things together to make an amazing, one of a kind site, but they make it at the expense of the viewer who might have a hard time getting to where he/she wants to get to. 

I am excited to see what my first post…

Week 2A: Social Media

I think all social media is geared to personal use, my answer is more towards an “and” than an “or”, that social media is used for personal use and business use.I can only think of one social media site that is a lot more business than it is personal which would be LinkedIn.I believe this because it would seem that most social media were made at first to be primarily for personal use, but others have capitalized on its popularity and have been able to make great business investments in social media.A great example would be how a small coffee show may promote their twitter account to customers, to watch for discounts and such, by having them as followers there would spread the word and this small coffee shop could see a 20% increase in customers just by having a twitter account and posting promotions, drinks and employees. As for which specific site works better for business, it really depends on several factors, like who are your customers? Who do you want your future customers to be…

Week 4 Post 1

So I started by opening up 4 random websites and looked at each one, from there I determent which on I thought were terrible and which two I thought were done well.When examining them I looked for several things, how does the website overall look? Is it clear what there business is for and or what they are advertising? Is the site organized? Is there an easy way to get contact information?After taking about ten to fifteen minutes on each on website, looking around, making sure I was sure about my decision, this is what I came with.
Worst Out of the four that I opened I have to say that Gates N Fences had, in my opinion the worst of the websites and here is why.Unorganized, I didn’t know where to look, there were articles in different fonts and sizes, the title screen was small and the pictures that were there were everywhere.The second thing that just did not make sense to me was there bar tab on the left side, with the different color and different designs I just did know what was g…