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Week 8 Visuals

After looking at several visual networks, there are only three that I believe would make my brand excel.It would be YouTube, Twitter, and Instragram.At first I thought Youtube would be my primary platform, but as the instructor said it takes a lot of time and work to do a video right also it would be a lot easier if I had a bit of a following first.So I woud have Instragram as my primary for my brand.There are several reasons why I want to this and why I would choose Intragram over Youtube, for now. I can showcase a lot in Instagram while hash tagging items that are related to what I am trying to sell.I could be able to show case my product while also teaching how to wear it properly.This is wear I would build a solid audience, where I can see what works and what doesn’t, what is appealing and what is appalling.I would have to get their attention which 4K pictures and maybe even comparing how celebrities wear their cloths . Youtube I wanted to put in the for front because I thought i…