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Week 7

Here is the list of sites that I choose to like: Men’s wear Men’s modern wear Men’s wearhouse Forged clothing Men fashion suits Sharz men’s suits
I picked Men’s wear and Men’s Fashion suits because when I fist did the search for these types of groups these where at the top.To me that means they will always be the first site that people see and would most likely choose these sites first.Men’s Modern wear, Men’s warehouse, and BerganBrotherSuits I choose because they all had over 100k in likes which to me means that they have a lot of traffic coming through there.Shaz men’s suits is a local business and I am all about about local businesses and helping when I can.Forged clothing is more personal with me because it’s a company owned by veterans so it means a lot to me being a veteran myself.

Week 6

The difference between post reach and post engagement is that post reach is how many people are viewing your page while post engagement is about how many people interact with you page with likes and comments.  Knowing the difference is important because you have to be intune to what your goal is.  Is it to just get your name out there, and have other watch and look at your site, or are you trying to get them to buy a product, to like your page and see them come back again for more products. Facebook Insights can really help you to get the demographics that you are looking for.  Like I want to target men 18 and up, so when I look into the Facebook insight and see that I am getting women of all ages instead that means I am not getting y targeted audience and I need to look in my website to see what I would need to change to get the demographics I do want.

Week 5 Part 2

My target audience would be Men 18 and up.I would use social media like Facebook for other to converse, I would like to use Instragram to show photos of clothing, watches and styles, but I would want my YouTube channels to be my main focus.I choose ages 18 and up because that when most adults have access to credit cards, and a lot of our product that we are showcasing are products that can be purchased.Most of our products will be clothing, other products include, watches, wallets, socks, etc…To get a feel of what the customer wants I would like to do surveys and use the company “Survey Monkey” and with that data I would make proper changes where need be.